Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fung Shing Gourmet - Sussex Centre Food Court - Haymarket

I've had Chinese BBQ meats on my mind for quite some time. I've seen documentaries where "BBQ Masters" with hereditary tradition go to great lengths to perfect this art form. A documentary on the production of BBQ meats brought to light that the marinating broth never expires. The BBQ Master ensured there was some marinade (a couple of cups) from the previous batch that always ended up in his new marinating brew.

How this marinading process is performed is a mystery to me, but I can tell you BBQ meat is so tasty that it can occupy time just thinking about it. Often this stuff is bought with the intention to make it's way home, to be used up over a weeks time frame. In reality it inevitably is scoffed down on the spot because it tastes that good.

I travelled all the way from Canberra to Sydney and I expect the best and I'm not disappointed as it appears that this is "The Best B.B.Q. in Sydney". Sounds like a used car salesman's opening line, but perhaps this is the best place. My saliva glands are secreting streams of saliva in squirts, this is a good sign because the food must be good. My instincts never lie.

I'm also fighting skeletons in my closet. Perhaps I needed several sessions on a therapist's couch to sort out mental health issues relating to ducks. You see, as a child I had a duck I was very fond of. I was close to that duck like Sonny was with Skippy. My pet duck was like a dog and we had lots of fun together. So you can imagine the horror as a child to unexpectedly discover that my "best mate" was presented to me on a plate and I was expected to eat him/her. So I've never been able to eat duck. Somehow I was able to overcome my mental inhibitions and was able to overcome my childhood trauma and to start eating ducks 35 years after the initial act of bastardry.

I order item No. 12 - BBQ Pork. Roast Duck & Roast Pork with Rice - $11:50. I reasoned that if the duck eating became too traumatic, I could focus on the pork side of the dish. I waited the obligatory 10 minutes and my meal was ready. A free soup was thrown in for the price. The soup looked pretty average so I accepted it with courtesy.

Boy Oh, Boy....that soup was a surprise. It was as deceptive as a trojan horse. It was spectacular. The stock was strong, but not overpowering, the salt level was just right. I'd guess it was chicken with pork. Normally you would judge a soup by it's appearance, but this baby really surprised me. How can something so unassuming be so tasty. The soup was so good you would expect to pay for it and it came for free...bargain!

The BBQ Pork. Roast Duck & Roast Pork looked simple. A small serving of green vegetables provides some balance. It was good. I discovered duck and made several mental comparisons to chicken. The bone structure was a little different. I thought to myself that the duck was more two dimensional (flatter) while chook is three dimensional (wider proportions). I had splashed some chilli over the meal to lift its flavour. The pork was delicious. A mix of BBQ pork & roast pork provided contrast. Well I was happy as Larry. I headed of to the drinks bar and ordered an exotic Asian "you beauty" with crushed ice, red beans and other flavours. I didn't blog that drink as I was tired from my train trip from Canberra.

It was a delish experience. This establishment comes highly recommended, if only for the free soup.

Fung Shing Gourmet
Sussex Centre Food Court
401 Sussex St.
Haymarket, NSW

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