Monday, 14 November 2011

Super Chef BBQ - Chinese - Market City Food Court - Haymarket

Look up in the sky! Able to leap Asian food courts in a single bound. Strong enough to stop a bus load full of bogans en-route to a white Australia rally. It's a bird, It's a plane. No, it's Super Chef BBQ to the rescue. Suffering from hunger pains. Need to titillate those taste buds. Bored with your every day diet of bangers and mash or your proud tradition of boiled vegetables.  Do not despair, because Super Chef BBQ is here to save you.

Back at their underground (ok, top floor Market City Food Court) lair, the dedicated staff work long hours to save your eternal food soul from the anti-christ. Save your soul and seek redemption at Super Chef BBQ. While you stomach lining burns at the hands of the devil who hasn't been fed for hours. Think about the exorcism you are about to receive by filling your Satan ravaged body with the soul cleansing properties of high quality Cantonese fare.
item no.34 King Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup - $10.00
The stage of the exorcism begins with enticing the devil within a "King Prawn Wonton Noodle Soup". The soup is excellent and everything you expect it to be. The prawns (shrimp to you Yankees out there) are immaculate and the photo captures this. The wontons are superlative. There are also noodles at the bottom. You have satisfied the Devil within, but wait the exorcist's first line of attack. A handful of chillies. The anti-christ begins to scream as he burns in hell. The spiritual power of the chilli is too much for him to handle. In addition the subtle undertones of the soul cleansing addition of garlic is in addition having it's effect on the anti-christ within. You have nearly achieved what you set out to accomplish.

item no.2 - Roast Duck with Rice - $10.30
The exorcism isn't over. The anti-christ survived the previous assault. The exorcism team back at the Super Chef BBQ lair plan their next soul saving strategy. They decide to challenge the anti-christ with a Roast Duck with Rice meal. The anti-christ is a ham'n'pineapple sort of guy. The anti-christ is used to food such as bangers and mash, boiled vegetables, Tip-Top white bread. Suddenly the anti-christ is confronted with a gourmet BBQ duck which drives the anti-christ into the insignificant oblivion of non existence  commonly known as death. Hallelujah sing the angels of Christ for the anti-christ is no longer within. The BBQ duck is excellent and really tasty and I can highly recommend it. Just ignore the anti-christ within.

Customers waiting for exorcism - The devil within beckons attention

So if your Devil within needs a feed come on down to Super Chef BBQ for a feed !!!

Market City Food Court
Market City
Hay St.
Haymarket, NSW

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