Sunday, 4 December 2011

Belgian Beer Cafe - Belgian - Kingston A.C.T.

During one of my jolly bus jaunts throughout Canberra over the weekend I found myself in Woden. As I returned to the bus interchange I noticed a bus with the sign "No 938 Canberra CBD via Kingston". Ok it wasn't a direct route to Canberra CBD but I'm not in a hurry. As the bus makes it's way through the suburb of Kingston I make a last minute decision to get off.

So now I start wandering aimlessly through Kingston with no particular purpose. People are sitting in outdoor cafes enjoying the warmth of November and life in general.

From a distance I notice an establishment that has a certain degree of familiarity. It's a Belgian Beer Cafe.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

ATL Maranatha - Indonesian - Ultimo

You'd be forgiven to think after biting into a piece of chicken served in this fine eatery that it was afflicted with the physiological condition known as osteoporosis, but this is the impression you are left with. The chicken called "Ayam Lunak" in Indonesian where the bones are made soft (and edible) through a pressure cooking technique.

I stumbled into ATL Maranatha by accident simply by loitering aimlessly on Broadway. Having read other food bloggers describe this eatery quite favourably and having very little experience with Indonesian food myself was a good reason to give this eatery a go.

As I enter the premisses I am presented with a visual display of one bottle of Sambel Asli per table and nothing else (even pepper and salt). It makes for a contrasting interesting view.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

HJL Chinese Express - Chinese - Ultimo

Broadway has an enormous amount of pedestrian traffic belonging to the nearby academic facilities of the UTS and Ultimo TAFE. HJL Chinese Express is exceptionally located to take advantage of hungry students en transit between their place of study and Central station. In essence students have little time as they rush past on their way. An express eating service is what they need and HJL Chinese Express delivers exactly this.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Little Noodle Bar - Asian - Fyshwick ACT

As a rookie food blogger I have a lot to learn. One is about the unpredictable opportunities that avail themselves when you least expect them. I recently invested in a new digital camera which I have been using for my foray in the wonderful world of food blogging. One day at work an opportunity presented itself to drive from my place of work before lunch time to collect an urgent consignment of spare parts we needed for some work we were doing.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Asian Noodle House - Asian - Tuggeranong

It would appear as if I have been doing my exploration of Canberra with the help of the local bus company. As soon as the bus stops and I egress from it's confines I perform a panoramic scan of the horizon. Anything remotely resembling an establishment with food (with the exception of pet food suppliers) will have me make a direct B-line heading in that direction. And so was the case with the Asian Noodle House in  Tuggeranong.I simply got off the bus (hungry) and entered the nearest eatery.

Hasmis - Turkish/Indian - Canberra CBD

Right in the heart of Canberra's CBD at the local bus interchange is an unassuming Turkish eatery called Hasmis Kebabs & Turkish Kitchen. This place is open 24/7 and means different things to different people depending on the hour of the day. During respectable hours before 10pm it has a style very similar to your typical Greek-Cafe where you can order Turkish / Indian food with an espresso coffee furnished with basic tables and chairs.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Super Chef BBQ - Chinese - Market City Food Court - Haymarket

Look up in the sky! Able to leap Asian food courts in a single bound. Strong enough to stop a bus load full of bogans en-route to a white Australia rally. It's a bird, It's a plane. No, it's Super Chef BBQ to the rescue. Suffering from hunger pains. Need to titillate those taste buds. Bored with your every day diet of bangers and mash or your proud tradition of boiled vegetables.  Do not despair, because Super Chef BBQ is here to save you.

Chinese Noodle Bar - Haymarket

While on my special quest to Sydney to find the stand out cheap and cheerful Asian eatery I stumble upon Chinese Noodle Bar which I was told by the waitress has only been operating for one week. Prior to this Kung Fu Ramen was the proprietor. It would appear that all of Kung Fu Ramen's operating equipment (kitchen tools, serving plates, furniture, cutlery, everything including expensive custom made plastic wall menus were left behind). 

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Soya King Kitchen - Eating World Food Court - Haymarket

 - Who are you Fu Kin looking at?

- What do ya Fu Kin want?

- What are ya Fu Kin up to?

The sign at Soya King Kitchen raises a smile on my face as I belive the soup they are trying to describe as "Fish balls with meat in Fu Kin style - With Fu Kin local flavour stir noodle" in fact comes from the word "Fukien" which was once used to describe the current Fujian Province located on the south east coast of mainland China nearest to Taiwan. Which might make some sense, since we are on the subject of fish balls. I belive "Fu Kin" is an Engrish expression or possibly a disgrunteled Chinese person having a dig at someone.

Friday Night Markets - Chinatown - Sydney

I had heard about Sydney's Chinatown Friday Night Market from various sources and wanted to experience it for myself. We are fortunate to live in Australia which has a considerable Asian influence. So every opportunity that allows me to understand Asia I embrace with open arms. I believe we are so fortunate to have a vibrant active Asian community that continues many of their traditional pursuits one being that of a typical Asian market. I show up one afternoon on Friday as the markets swing into action. As I take my first photo I am greeted with "NO PHOTO - NO PHOTO !!!"

Gourmet Ultimo Chinese Terrace - North Chinese - Ultimo

I'm having problems starting this blog as it concerns a condiment called XO Sauce. The problem is that I can't compare it to anything I currently buy at my Asian grocer or any other shop for that matter. It's not like Soya Sauce. It's not like Kecap manis. It is not like fish sauce and nothing like shrimp paste. I've become obsessed with this sauce simply because of one meal I tried at the Gourmet Ultimo Chinese Terrace restaurant at Ultimo. A simple trinity consisting of a handful of nondescript seafood (any seafood would have worked), home made Chinese noodles and XO sauce created a meal sensation that has had a profound effect on me.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tasuke - Japanese - Canberra CBD

You would be forgiven to think that Canberra has very little to offer in the way of culinary adventures because you might right to think so. It seems that there is a law of emigration dynamics which states that once you have reached the country of destination you stop traveling. Case in show is New Your City with its Staten Island immigration facility which was used until the advent of widespread air-travel. It would seem as if the journey was so hard that as soon as immigrants crossed the border they lost the will to travel further and settled close to their entry point. NYC is a classic example.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - Chinese - Ultimo

Sydney is my home town. I used to roam the Ultimo - Broadway strip frequently in my formative years. Sometimes I was lucky to do casual work for John Fairfax & Sons (aka. Sydney Morning Herald & Financial Review). Part of my electronics diploma was achieved at the Ultimo TAFE.

De Juice - Sugar Cane Juice - Dixon Food Court - Haymarket

It would seem that I have one thing in common with a Dixon Food Court fresh juice vendor and that is the choice of the French word "De" in that we have chosen to identify ourselves to outside world by its use. De is a very important and versatile preposition with many different meanings and uses in the French language. I can say that I had the pleasure to have once met the founding father of the highly regarded purveyor of quality sugar cane juice De Juice in Dixon Food Court....

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Fung Shing Gourmet - Sussex Centre Food Court - Haymarket

I've had Chinese BBQ meats on my mind for quite some time. I've seen documentaries where "BBQ Masters" with hereditary tradition go to great lengths to perfect this art form. A documentary on the production of BBQ meats brought to light that the marinating broth never expires. The BBQ Master ensured there was some marinade (a couple of cups) from the previous batch that always ended up in his new marinating brew.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Asian Style Cuisine - Dixon Food Court - Haymarket

Finally after months of procrastination I've travelled all the way from Canberra to Sydney and made my way to Dixon Food Court. The first of many quality Asian cheap eateries available in Sydney that I plan to visit. Canberra has cheap Asian food courts, but they'll only satisfy you if you sincerely believe Ham and Pineapple pizza is gourmet tucker. Standing in awe of what's on offer I realise that I can only have one meal, but I want it all. This is going to be a good trip.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Chick - Oh - Roll


The first time I saw you I knew it was love at first sight. The thought of your golden crispy skin, my mouth waters simply at the thought of you. Your innards consisting of cabbage, carrots, various spices and other mysterious ingredients are an euphoric turn on that grows by the hour. I think of you both night and day. You are but one and one and only true love and I yearn for you all the time. Finally our love has developed into something much closer. When I saw you, hiding behind the glass at my local Take Away I knew I had to have you. You were shy at first resisting my advances, when suddenly in one foul swoop I opened my mouth and swallowed you whole. My love we are now one, having consummated our feeling for one another. Now I feel you inside my body. You make me feel warm. You inspire me. You give my life purpose. We soon realise that nothing lasts forever and that you will be leaving soon. I lower my bowels towards the ceramic bowl and with the accuracy of a B-52 bomber pilot I drop my payload with pin point accuracy. I take one last sentimental look as I pull the chain, as I wish you farewell and thank you for the love we had.

I say it's better to have loved and passed a chiko roll than never having had loved a chiko roll at all.