Thursday, 17 November 2011

HJL Chinese Express - Chinese - Ultimo

Broadway has an enormous amount of pedestrian traffic belonging to the nearby academic facilities of the UTS and Ultimo TAFE. HJL Chinese Express is exceptionally located to take advantage of hungry students en transit between their place of study and Central station. In essence students have little time as they rush past on their way. An express eating service is what they need and HJL Chinese Express delivers exactly this.

I came across this fine eatery as I was retracing my old stomping ground. Constantly hungry I seek out good snacking opportunities. HJL Chinese Express is both hole in the wall and eat in facility. They are located at the same physical address as HJL Chinese Express , but appear to be a separate businesses.

item no.72 - BBQ Pork & Duck with Rice - $13:00
I've recently discovered  duck eating and I've taken a liking to duck meat, so when  I see it on the menu I have no hesitation ordering this dish. Imagine that you have recently discovered something immensely tasty that gives you much pleasure eating, well I'm having one of those moments as far as duck meat is concerned. The BBQ pork that came with this meal is just heavenly. I sigh out of content as this was a good meal.

As I leave I notice the street food counter at the front. Before I depart I indulge in a Pork Bun and a couple of meat dumplings. I eat this on the footpath as street food is intended. This is my kind of place and I highly recommend it. Go for it!!!

For menu prices - Click to enlarge
HJL Chinese Express
Shp 1/ 849 George St
NSW 2007 Ultimo
Tel: (02) 9280 0383

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