Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Little Noodle Bar - Asian - Fyshwick ACT

As a rookie food blogger I have a lot to learn. One is about the unpredictable opportunities that avail themselves when you least expect them. I recently invested in a new digital camera which I have been using for my foray in the wonderful world of food blogging. One day at work an opportunity presented itself to drive from my place of work before lunch time to collect an urgent consignment of spare parts we needed for some work we were doing.

As it was a nice sunny day I volunteered my services as it gave me an opportunity to get out of my stuffy office and enjoy the sunshine. The plan was to collect the important items for my employer from a logistics company and to have lunch in Fyshwick. I had decided to visit Elaine's Gourmet Pies in Fyshwick which is known to the locals as the best place to score a gourmet meat pie. En-route to the pie shop I notice in the corner of my eye a sign on a building with the inscription "The Little Noodle Bar". I hit the brakes causing the car behind me to brake suddenly. My pulse rate rises. I think to myself that I might have found the the holy grail as far as Asian cheap eats in Fyshwick is concerned. Bingo !!! I've hit the jackpot. I enter the establishment and order and pay at the counter. They accommodate my requirement that every thing is extra hot (as in spicy). As I assume the upright eating position it occurs to me that I left my camera at work. My initial reaction is to abort any attempts at taking food blogging  photos, but a last minute decision is made to use my Android Smart Phone built in camera. I used Google "Street View" to create the first photo above (things I do for you guys so that you have a blog to read). So I extend my apologies for lowering my photographic standards.

Pork Balls - $6.00
Shortly afterwards out comes the entree. Quite a substantial serving I must say. Just the thing for a big boofy bloke. Divine, as it appears that the balls are 100% pork meat (no extender). The accompanying sweet sauce compliments the pork balls quite well.

King Prawn Noodles - $10.90
Not long after just as I've finished the pork balls, out comes the King Prawn Noodle. To suggest that they are King Prawns is a bit of an exaggeration as the photo illustrates. To be fair I'd say the prawns are medium in size, but quite tasty never the less. The chef hits the spot with the right amount of spiciness and I find the meal excellent. This really was a very good meal and worth every cent. I was a little disappointed with the absence copious quantities of fresh vegetables as I have a preference for these kind of meals (lots of greens, less meat, less carbohydrates). The staff were all very friendly and quite chirpy.

The kitchen is open to full view

Lunch time dine in crowd
There a lot of people coming in for takeaway Asian meals. Make no mistake this is a lunch time commercial/industrial area food outlet. At night it becomes the regions red light district. The joint opens between 10:30am-3:30pm. I would have expected that the seedy side of life would have also developed quite an appetite for this type of food, but unfortunately this spectrum has not been catered for. Prostitutes, madams and pimps are left to their devices and have to bring a lunch box from  home for now.

I asked for a menu so that I could scan. Unfortunately I was provided with a lousy copy. Having a lousy smart phone camera did not allow me to photo the menu on the wall. Those of you astute enough will enlarge the menu below and work it out for your self.

The place comes highly recommended, but you'll have to join the lunch time crowd from Monday to Saturday. Cheers!

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The Little Noodle Bar
Unit 12, 19-25 Kembla St
Fyshwick, ACT, 2609

Tel.: (02) 6162 0220

Open: Monday to Saturday - 10:30am to 3:30pm

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  1. We use your website every day to lookup the menu for this place.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you for posting the menu , its been very helpful