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Hasmis - Turkish/Indian - Canberra CBD

Right in the heart of Canberra's CBD at the local bus interchange is an unassuming Turkish eatery called Hasmis Kebabs & Turkish Kitchen. This place is open 24/7 and means different things to different people depending on the hour of the day. During respectable hours before 10pm it has a style very similar to your typical Greek-Cafe where you can order Turkish / Indian food with an espresso coffee furnished with basic tables and chairs.

After 10pm it caters to the local Canberra night life district surrounded by various pubs and bars with patrons requiring a functional meal with alcohol absorbing qualities. It becomes a hole in the wall establishment catering to the needs of a select exclusive clientele stoked to max with Ethanol racing fuel with heightened levels of testosterone to say the least who sometimes can be a handful to manage at the best of times, least of all when most people are asleep.

I discovered this place by accident simply because I ran out of supplies at home and decided to catch a bus to Canberra CBD. It was simply the closest eating establishment once I got off the bus. Since I hadn't eaten breakfast I was famished as hell. Anything, but anything to put me out of my misery of relative starvation. It also made the impression that it was cheap and cheerful which is good for the pocket.

Fallafel with Garlic Sauce
I arrived at around 10am so the ordering is a little slow. I order a large lamb pide and am advised that it will take 20 minutes to prepare. As I hadn't eaten I am starving and I ask if there is anything in addition that wont take too long to prepare. I am offered fallafel with garlic sauce as an option. As this is breakfast a Mugaccino is also appropriate. So I was was able to settle in for the 20 minute wait for my lamb pide. The fallafel was quite good and the garlic sauce was excellent.

Lamb Pide - Large - $14.50
The lamb pide arrives and is larger than I expect. It's large enough to feed a small army. I slowly start to devour whats lies before me. Initially the cheese is very runny and I have considerable problems trying to contain the running cheese. Several minutes pass and the cheese is beginning to solidify and the eating becomes less messy. The meal is quite soft and tender and would be suitable for someone without teeth. Overall it is quite good with the lamb complementing the cheese with the prevalent smell of oregano. Mind you it was quite a large serving for a breakfast for one and my advice would be that you order the small size if dining on your own (unless you have a large appetite ) or bring along someone to share it with. At $14.50 for a large and $8.50 for a small size it also deserves mention as one of Canberra's best eating out bargains.

Pide / Pizza oven in background
Service counter - Similar to a "Greek Cafe"
Besides the the pide, there are also kebab (wrapped in flat bread or on a plate) meals and pizzas. Pizzas are also available as single slices if you are after a small snack. The printed menu (see attached menu below) makes reference to an Indian food selection, but this place makes the impression that it's mainly Turkish. Don't take my word for it though. They offer Indian meals, so give them ago and hold them to their word (in the printed menu).

Door closes after 10pm - Service counter on footpath
In addition is you are a uni student you have access to their "Summer Special Deals" currently running between 15/11/2011 and 29/02/2012. All uni students with a Student ID receive a free bottle of water or 375ml can of drink with any meal purchase. *Offer valid between 10am-10pm. Excludes combo and special meal deals. This is very considerate of Hasmis and I commend them for their generosity. Great to see you are supporting the local community.
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Hasmis Kebabs & Turkish Kitchen
11-13 East Row
Sydney Building
East Row, Civic
Canberra CBD

Tel:   02 6249 7783
Fax: 02 6230 7779

Ridvan Hasmis
Tel:       0431 177 261
e-mail:  ridvanhasmis@gmail.com

Catering Needs:
Tel: 0406 851 450

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