Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Asian Noodle House - Asian - Tuggeranong

It would appear as if I have been doing my exploration of Canberra with the help of the local bus company. As soon as the bus stops and I egress from it's confines I perform a panoramic scan of the horizon. Anything remotely resembling an establishment with food (with the exception of pet food suppliers) will have me make a direct B-line heading in that direction. And so was the case with the Asian Noodle House in  Tuggeranong.I simply got off the bus (hungry) and entered the nearest eatery.

The Asian Noodle House as the name suggests has a variety of Asian noodle dishes from all corners of Asia. Representations from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia are available. It's as if the Asian Noodle House is running an each way bet on serving generic Asian dishes from various parts of Asia, rather than specialising on the theme of one region (i.e. Cantonese or Vietnamese) as is normally practiced by most other restaurants. It is for this reason that I have concerns about the authenticity of their meals and why I sometimes feel hesitant about eating at establishments similar to Asian Noodle House. I like to make clear differentiations between regions and feel uncomfortable about generalisations with descriptions such as Asian. In a similar vein I consider the adjective Chinese as descriptive as the word European. Imagine banning the words Greek, Italian, Spanish, etc with a generic expression that covers all the above such as the word Europe. It would just restrict ones ability to describe European regions precisely . Just as Europe is made up of individual countries (regions), China is made up of similar pseudo-countries (regions) within. China could be quite legitimately divided into smaller countries based on a different language, religion, culture, etc. All I am trying to emphasize is you cannot compare a small country like Belgium to China. It would be more appropriate to compare Europe to China as you would be comparing similar entities even though from a political perspective you are comparing 50 countries against one. So the name Asian Noodle House is as logical and useful as an expression such as European Restaurant.

Mixed Entree - $11.50
Given that I have decided to eat here on the "suck it and see" principle I order a mixed entree which is an Asian (who knows what part of Asia) dish of sorts. Made up of two spring rolls, two fish cakes and two curry puffs. Nothing to complain about and quite tasty.

Jumbo Egg Noodle Soup - Full Size - $16.00
I order the Jumbo Egg Noodle Soup as I have a Jumbo appetite. In addition I ask for an accompaniment of sliced chillies. The soup was tasty as I suspect that is is a Chinese inspired dish. Guaranteed to hydrate you well on a hot summers day.

Inside Asian Noodle House at Tuggeranong

Outside Asian Noodle House at Tuggeranong
Besides the two tables you can see in the photo, there are more tables to the right of the photo if you prefer the outdoor seating arrangement.

Like I said, I feel as if the proprietors took an each way bet and created the Asian Noodle House. I personally prefer establishments that specialize in certain regions. This allows me to somewhat experience the culture of a distant country without having to actually travel. While eating here I am sometimes confused as to what part of Asia a meal comes from.

In addition Asian Noodle House has branches in Civic and Woden, which I have not visited.

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Asian Noodle House
Tuggeranong Hyperdome
Anketell st.
Tuggeranong ACT 2901
Tel: (02) 6162 3040

Open Lunch 11:30 - 2:30pm Dinner 5:30-9:30pm
Open 6 Days Lunch & Dinner (closed Mondays)
Licensed BYO Wine Only


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  1. The noodle soup is tasty; especially Tokyo Ramen. It comes with BBQ pork and a half-boiled egg. Using the spicy sauce that is at the table with the pork and the egg adds an extra delightful kick. Problem is that this place is pricey for lunch. You walk out for about $15 person with noodles and a pop. Also, the parking is same as Bellevue Square which is very messy during weekday lunch and weekend.

  2. My name is Peter and I often dine at the Asian Noodle House in Tuggeranong. I come here a couple times a month and I never leave disappointed. My wife and two children are always excited to visit the Noodle House and it is our family's favourite restaurant. I, for one, do not find the 'general' term in the restaurant's name to be of any concern to me. The variety of foods from all across Asia create a more broad experience for my family and I, and the excellent flavours leave our taste buds craving more. If I were willing to focus on one region in Asia, I would obviously go to a nearby Chinese or Vietnamese restaurant, rather than come to a restaurant which promoted the whole of one continent. If there were to be a restaurant called 'European Restaurant', I would be delighted to dine there with my family and enjoy a nice Austrian Schnitzel accompanied by a Hungarian goulash. My family and I are intrigued by the uniqueness and singularity of the Asian Noodle House, and we are always happy with the excellent variety of food, the great service and the good prices.

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  4. No offence but you lowkey sound like a nerd who lives in your mum's basement. Stop talking like a warlock and literally being such an irrit. If the name of the restaurant bothers you so much, don't freaking go there. If you're questioning the legitimacy of the dishes, just remember that we are in Australia and you're not exactly going to get hawker centre-style food in Tuggeranong? Go to like Asia or whatever if you are so butthurt about the restaurant's legitimacy. I'm worried about the legitimacy of your blog, like you literally have a food anthem. Who even does that fml??? How about you go and whinge to your mates online minecraft or whatever, cause I wanna punt this blog into the nether. Btw there are literally no Chinese restaurants that specialise in one region, as you stated. Chinese is Chinese, Asian is Asian, and Epicureans are IRRITS. P.S. I'm pretty sure Asian Noodle House is predominantly Thai so maybe you should have clarified that with a worker? Literally stop writing, you're killing off my brain cells :(