Wednesday, 9 November 2011

DY Sizzling Hot Pot - Chinese - Ultimo

Sydney is my home town. I used to roam the Ultimo - Broadway strip frequently in my formative years. Sometimes I was lucky to do casual work for John Fairfax & Sons (aka. Sydney Morning Herald & Financial Review). Part of my electronics diploma was achieved at the Ultimo TAFE.

I remember the old brewery on Broadway with fondness as it permeated the smell of the local air with the smell of a brewery. My first credit card & personal loan was provided by the Broadway Credit Union in this part of town. It's this part of Sydney that I have a strong affinity for. So having a fine Chinese eatery gives me a reason to visit my former stomping ground. Enough of this sentimental bullshit, but I just wanted the reader know how connected I am with this part of Sydney.

On my way to visit Gourmet Ultimo Chinese Terrace in Ultimo I stumble across this fine looking eatery called DY Sizzling Hot Pot. My tired feet were getting a hammering from all the walking I was doing. So I stopped at DY Sizzling to have a rest, in the guise of having a meal. I follow my instincts and order item no.28 Twice Cooked Pork at $9.90.

The meal was excellent and of a very high standard and had the same dish been served at an exclusive eatery I would not have been disappointed. I was initially confused about some leathery pieces of unidentified "stuff" which was difficult to chew. I later discovered that they were chillies by persistently biting on the leathery pieces. They provided an interesting surprise as once you succeeded in chewing threw they released an chilli burst of flavour (imagine....mild, mild, mild and then suddenly hot, spicy, wow inside your mouth).

I latter discovered that my street cred is pretty lousy as DY Sizzling also sells hard core liquor ( according to Street Food on DY Sizzling ) and I didn't even notice. Shame on me. I considered myself a man of the world.....apparently not. Then again I was visiting at 11:00am so my special alcohol seeking sensors were not working at that hour of the day.

The menu looks good and the place deserves another visit. It's not the place for a first date dinner, but those of you who like good tucker wont be disappointed.

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DY Sizzling Hot Pot
Shp 2/ 849 George St.
NSW 2007 Ultimo
Tel: (02) 9280 2812

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