Sunday, 13 November 2011

Soya King Kitchen - Eating World Food Court - Haymarket

 - Who are you Fu Kin looking at?

- What do ya Fu Kin want?

- What are ya Fu Kin up to?

The sign at Soya King Kitchen raises a smile on my face as I belive the soup they are trying to describe as "Fish balls with meat in Fu Kin style - With Fu Kin local flavour stir noodle" in fact comes from the word "Fukien" which was once used to describe the current Fujian Province located on the south east coast of mainland China nearest to Taiwan. Which might make some sense, since we are on the subject of fish balls. I belive "Fu Kin" is an Engrish expression or possibly a disgrunteled Chinese person having a dig at someone.

These fish balls have meat centres, so they are a healthy protein fix that wont make you feel hungry after you've finished the meal. The fish balls have a springy bounce to them such that when you bite them they would spring back to shape. The broth is a fish and vegetable stock which complements the balls quite well. I personally like to nuke my soups with some chilli which was available as a chilli sauce condiment

The bowl of noodles that came with meal come with a spicy sauce which was sensational. A kind of mustard with Wasabi kind of flavour. It was an excellent sensation flavour and complimented the mild mannered fish balls very well. You would be forgiven to think that the noodles are an accompaniment (that's is what my first impression was) to the fish balls. They are equal in stature and would make a good meal on their own.

It's difficult at times photographing some of the illuminated menus in food courts. From my experience you can only frame the illuminated display as you can adjust the camera settings accordingly. A combination of the illuminated sign and ambient lighting of the premisses provides too much contrast to provide sensible images. If I was to shoot to have more legible  images of the people and fixtures in the photo then the menu would look like there was a thermo nuclear reaction going on in the background.

So next time you are eating at your favourite Chinese restaurant and you hear the waiter say; "Sir, here is your Fu Kin Fish Ball soup." think twice before you react. He might not have been trying to be offensive.

Soya King Kitchen
Eating World Food Court
Cnr Dixon & Goulborn St.
Haymarket, NSW

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